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Apex Rapid

Apex Rapid

Large 4mph Scooter

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The Apex Rapid, a feature-rich scooter designed for a smooth and comfortable ride. With its CTS suspension, this scooter offers revolutionary suspension technology that ensures the smoothest ride quality.

The Apex Rapid has a width of 521 mm (20.5"), providing stability and maneuverability. It is equipped with solid tires measuring 203 mm (8") in both the front and rear, offering durability and a smooth ride.

The seat on the Apex Rapid weighs 10.5 kg

This scooter features a rear-wheel drive system powered by a single 24-volt DC motor. The dual braking system includes regenerative and electromechanical brakes, providing efficient and reliable stopping power.

The Apex Rapid comes with 2 x 12 Ah Deep Cycle batteries as standard, offering a balance between weight and performance. Additionally, there is an optional battery upgrade available, offering 2 x 17 Ah Deep Cycle batteries for an extended range.

The weight of the batteries is 9 kg for the 12 Ah option and 14 kg for the 17 Ah option. This allows for easy handling and maintenance of the scooter.

With a maximum speed of 4mph (6 km/h) and a weight of 36.5 kg, the Apex Rapid offers a balance of performance and portability. It is classified as an MDR Class I (2017/745/EU) Medical Device.

Experience the best-in-class ride quality of the Apex Rapid, a scooter that combines comfort and performance for your mobility needs.

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