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4 Wheeled Rollator with Seat

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  1. Large Shopping Bag: The rollator comes with a spacious shopping bag that has a capacity of carrying up to 5 kg of items. This provides ample storage space for groceries, personal belongings, or other items you may need while using the rollator.

  2. Ergonomic Handles with Locking Function: The rollator is designed with ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your hands and wrists. The handles also feature a locking function to secure the rollator in place when not in use or during breaks.

  3. User-Friendly and Adjustable Handle Height: The handle height of the rollator can be easily adjusted to accommodate users of different heights. This ensures that you can find the most comfortable and ergonomic position while using the rollator.

  4. Patented "Click & Safe" Safety Catch: The rollator is equipped with a patented safety catch system that ensures secure locking and stability while walking or resting. This feature provides peace of mind and prevents any accidental folding or collapsing of the rollator.

  5. Ingenious Carrying Handle: The rollator has an innovative carrying handle design, with ergonomic grips located under the mounting bars. This allows for easy lifting and carrying of the rollator, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

  6. All-Round Safety Reflectors: To enhance visibility and safety, the rollator is equipped with safety reflectors. These reflectors are placed on the shopping bag, front and sides of the frame, and handles, making the rollator more visible in low-light conditions or at night.

  7. Large Selection of Accessories: The rollator offers a wide range of accessories to customize your experience. These accessories may include backrest straps for added support, additional bags for extra storage, a comfort seat for enhanced seating comfort, and even a rollator umbrella to provide protection from the sun or rain.

Overall, these features and accessories contribute to the functionality, safety, and convenience of the rollator, allowing you to navigate your daily activities with ease and comfort.

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